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Q. Do you provide service for private individuals or the general public?

A. As of this time, we only service licensed repair facilities.

Q. Do you offer service to franchise and chain stores?

A. Absolutely! You'll get expert service whether you work for an independently owned shop or garage, or whether it's a chain or franchise location.

Q. Why choose Mobile Diagnostics over the dealer?

A. You are guaranteed on-site service backed by over 10 years of experience. You will save money as well as receive responsive, reliable programming services. You don't have to waste time, labor, or gas transporting multiple vehicles to the dealer; spend a flat-rate and have our ASE certified technicians come to you!

Q. What manufacturers do you service?

A. You will get excellent programming, reflashing, and diagnostic services for most Asian and domestic vehicles, including: GM, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, Acura, Toyota, Lexus, Scion, Nissan, Infinity, Mazda, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen/Audi.

Q. I ordered a new module; does it need to be programmed?

A. More than likely, your new module will need programming or configuring. Unfortunately, not all service information is correct; some modules may need programming even if the service information states that it doesn't.

Q. I bought a used module; can I use this instead of a new one?

A. OEM service information requires new modules only. You can try a used part if you wish, but some may work and others may not. For best results, we recommend you only use new OEM parts.

Q. I have a defective / incorrect module that was supplied to me. Do I have to pay again to have another one programmed?

A. Yes, if we sold you the incorrect of defective part then we would stand behind our product and never charge twice. However, we don’t sell modules so hopefully your parts supplier will stand behind their product and cover the charge.

Q. Is there an update available for the vehicle I'm working on?

A. This information is supplied by the vehicle manufacturer. The links to their websites can be found here - NASTF

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