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PCM Flash | River Grove, IL | Mobile Diagnostics LLC | 312-733-5274

With us, you'll get much lower rates than with the automotive dealers

Do you have a vehicle that requires reflashing, programming, or diagnostics? SAVE yourself the expense of professional training and equipment when you call upon our experts, backed by over 10 years of experience.

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Don't worry - there's a no-charge guarantee for our diagnostics

Working with over 1000 different shops, including a number of franchise and chain stores, we’re the most cost-effective programming and diagnostic service in the area. Same-day programming service is available.

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Vehicle Reflashing | River Grove, IL | Mobile Diagnostics LLC | 312-733-5274

Save yourself some time - same-day appointments are often available

Don’t wait on the dealer for your programming, forcing you to make multiple trips, wasting expenses like gas and labor. Have our experts come to you, getting all the same skills you’ll find with any domestic or Asian vehicle dealership.

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